Saturday, January 28, 2017

AHPC VII: WW2 Italians, LRDG Infantry and Allied Transport

 Next up for the Challenge is a nice sized Italian force, some LRDG infantry and 2 Allied transports.

 The Italians are all Perry miniatures with the exception of the M13/40 tank which is from Blitzkrieg Miniatures
Half of the Italians are in desert uniforms and half regular to give me a little flexibility on the table top.

 I really like how the tank came out.
 The CV-35 Tankette is a metal cast from Perry.  It really wasn't that effective in the field but it will be fun to zoom around on the table.
 It really is small!
An Elephantino light AT gun

 Some Aliied transport - these are from Trenchworx and are superb kits

 Lastly a group of 12 Dismounted LRDG troopers.  The A rePerry metals
As fate would have it, my wargaming "Secret Santa" sent me another 2 boxes of these dudes so they will soon be joined by 12 other compatriots.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Analogue Hobbies Update Week 6

Continued strong progress on the Challenge this year with 1,798 points in the "books" and right on last years pace.

Production volumes will take a hit for the next 2 weeks due to some some heavy international business travel but sometimes even the Challenge must bow to the whims of the "real world".

There are 96 painters who have made a submission this year - which is pretty darn impressive.  Thanks again to Curt for organizing this crazy clown show - it's just a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mummies, Afghans, LRDG, Big Monsters - More Challenge entries

Another big photo dump from the Challenge

Some dungeon baddies
The mummies are Reaper Bones figures and I really can't recommend them - way to bendy
Modern Afghans from Empress Miniatures - superb figures

LRDG vehicles from Perry

Dungeon monters - these are reaper figures also but much more fun to paint.  The Bones material works very well with larger figures.
Frostgrave Demons

Action shot - you might see something like this as Historicon 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

AHPC VII: Week 4 & Future Hints

 So we're now 1/3 complete with this year's challenge.  Points wise I'm right on track with last year.  My attention will be turning to the bonus rounds.

My current tally is 1,460 points.  I may need to bump up my target of 2,000 a bit.
 At the end of each month of the Challenge I clean up my work bench - this hobby does generate a lot of mess.  You can see a hint of what my "East" bonus round is.
 As for the home terrain round - all I can say is that it involves a minor bit of carpentry.  Measure twice, cut once.

Hmmm, I wonder what I could be making that was a width of 15 inches?
An exciting shote of clamps in action - spine tingling, isn't it?

Like Wargame Miniatures, one can never have too many clamps in a workshop.

What am I building?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Orc Blood Bowl Team

 Meet the Black Hills Titans, my Orc Blood Bowl team.  The team colors are loosely based on the Tennessee Titans of the NFL.  I don't really follow the Titans, but thought the uniforms and back hills of Tennessee are sufficiently "Orky".  These are the 12 plastic figures you get in the box set (along with a human team).

These are part of a giant post from the Challenge which I'll break up here for ease.
 Two Black Orcs
 Two Throwers
 Two Blitzers - I still need to work on the plume - the bright yellow makes them easy to ID but I want to add some orange to make them look like flames.
and six line men.  All of the numbering and base labels are drawn by hand - I like the slashes for numbers rather than arabic numerals and the labels came out very "Orky".

The Orcs are 3-3 vs their human openers from the Holiday season.

Friday, January 13, 2017

AHPC VII: Forstgrave and Bloodbowl

 My 4th submission consists of some Frostgrave figures and a Skaven Blood Bowl team.

First up 11 special characters (wizards/aprentices etc)

 Next some animals
 and finally, a Skaven Blood Bowl team - the newly released GW plastics