Saturday, April 28, 2018

Personal Update (Spoiler Alert: Pancreatitis Sucks)

Some of you (Ok maybe nobody!) may have noticed a lack activity on this blog over the past few months.  It's not due to a declining interest in the hobby.

2018 is turning our to be a less than ideal health year for our family and now it's my turn to contribute to the "medical drama".  It seems that I have developed a severe case of pancreatitus, which is rather painful when it flairs up.  I'll spare you the tawdry details but its a serious condition that will require some future surgery and 6-8 weeks of recovery time.  The recovery time scares me the most as I don't do well being bored and my lovely yet fierce wife has made vassals out of my business partners (Quislings, the lot of them) to effectively ban me from the firm for the duration of my recovery.  It's obvious they are WAY more afraid of Mary Beth than me, which I can't really dispute.

The extent of the surgeries is still being determined but my intent is to get them over and done with as soon as possible.  I knew marrying a surgeon would come in handy and that's coming through in spades hear!

Once past the "slicing and dicing" there are some much needed lifestyle changes in terms of diet and exercise that need to be made.  I will try to document them here both to force me to be open with success and failures and maybe help any other 50''ish gamer dealing with similar issues (I promise not to be too moralizing....).  Right now I'm on a clear liquid diet, with the occasional cup of no-fat yogurt.  No whining hear because the "being alive thing" was not a completely guaranteed outcome last week.  The end goal is to transition to a permanent low-fat / low-carb diet and I want to see if I can make that fun and not a chore.

One of the silver linings here is my little "drama" has jumped started my weight loss program as I'm down 15 pounds in 10 days.  Not the most healthy of paces but a good start and one not to be wasted. Those of you who've met me in person would all agree that I could stand to loose a "few" more pounds and now's a great time to do so.  I need to set a viable weight goal with my doc's and then will track that progress.

Humans are very odd creatures - we can clearly understand the need to do something (eat better, loose weight and exercise) but never really act on it until something really bad happens and forces us out of our slumber - we just have to touch that stove top to see if it's hot.  In my case, the stove top was pancreatitis, which after experiencing has shot to number one on my list of things not-to-do again.   Lets see if the faint corking popping sound all of you heard 10 days ago really was me pulling my head out my ass - health wise.

One last comment, I often make fun of my wife and she is both an accomplished surgeon and uncompromising professionally.  She is also kind and loving and the rock of my life.  I'm still amazed she hasn't wisened-up and realized she can do better than me.  Perhaps there is truly no accounting for taste in love.  Never-the-less, I am am beyond fortunate to have her in my life.

Enough of this swarmy, Hallmark card stuff.  Today's a big day as my menu expands to now include a 1/2 cup of no-fat cottage cheese.

Jealous aren't you?

Friday, April 6, 2018

New Art for the Game Room

 Some new art had been added to the game room in the form of a painting by Mark Churms of the Battle of Mobile Bay, which occurred in 1864 during the American Civil War.

I grew up on Mobile Bay and spent many days on Dauphin Island, which is where one of the two forts that guarded the entrance to Mobile Bay was located (Fort Gaines).  The other side was guarded by Fort Morgan, which is depicted in the painting.

The painting was a present by my wife and we commissioned the painter Mark Churms, so it's an original.  I'm trying to class up the games area in the hopes of hosting a lot more games over the course of 2018.

I do think I'll repainting my 1/600 scale model of the CSS Tennessee to exactly match the one in the painting.  The USS Tecumseh model is pretty much spot on to the one in the painting so now rework there!

Sunday, April 1, 2018