Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ground Cover - Which color do you prefer?

 I've been working on a "secret" terrain project for this year's Challenge.  Well, perhaps now not all that secret. given this post.  Anyway, I'm a bit stumped on the color of ground flocking.  I've got two on hand - a dark green and a light green. Both are from Scenic Express.

I can always mix the two to create a medium green.  When mixing ground covers I limit myself to either 50/50 (pictured) or 2/3's / 1/3 to make it easy to replicate.

A picture of the three contending colors on the base ground cover.  For ground texture I use a pre-mixed tiled grout that's pre-colored, in this case its a very nice earth tone.  The tile grout dries rock hard and both clings to the surface and hardens the EPS pink foam.

I'm leaning towards a the medium green with a few patches of either color.  Part of me likes the light green as I can make the boards have an early spring feel but I suppose I might tire of that over time.  Here in the Northern hemisphere spring is a really attractive concept right about now.

One of the goals for this year's challenge is that I wanted to limit myself to using mini's and terrain supplies that I have on hand so I haven't purchased anything new since Nov'17.  This has not really proven to be such of a hardship but I am a bit limited on the scenery supplies.

Which color would you pick?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

AHPC VIII: British 25 pounder & crew

 Over the years, my Britis 8th Army North Africa collection has grown to be rather extensive but I was missing an icon from that era - the ubiquitous 2r pounder.  Well that gap has been filled by this fine miniature and crew from Brigade Games.  This group was my submission for the "BFG" bonus round in this year's Challenge.

 A simple paint job and basing and these lads are ready to take on the worst Rommel can throw at them.

Monday, February 12, 2018

AHP VIII: Blood & Plunder Pirates and Sloop

Firelock Games: "Blood & Plunder" is the new "hotness" and I've jumped in by buying a few factions and boats.  First up are 25 figures from the "Unaligned" faction which consist of 24 crewman and a captain.

One side and then..
the other
And finally the Captain.  These are 28mm scale figures but are definitely heroic in nature (on the big side).  The sculpting is fantastic and they are a joy to paint.  My only criticism is that these figures come with a cast on base which is textured like the planking of a ships deck.  The only problem is the bases are small (20mm diameter) and since cast in soft metal are rarely flat and have a difficult time keeping the figures up.

Any decent Pirate needs a cool ride and these lads Have the Sloop at their disposal.  This is a resin hull and metal detail part kit and was a lot of fun to put together
 The sails can be found as a PDF from the Firelock Games site - print out and glue the tow sides together and you're done

 The resin hull had a minor miscast just to the left of the stern gun port of the starboard side.  Rather than try to repair, I left it as battle damage.

Can't wait to get to work on my French faction

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Challenge Update: Union Infantry Regiment and

 I'm a bit behind in posting my painting output for this year's challenge so will try to catch up over the next few days.  First up is a 24 figure Union Infantry regiment
 These are 28mm in scale and are from the "new" Perry plastic Union Infantry box.  "New" is qualified as the box is half new - the figures that are marching with shouldered arms are the same as found in the Perry plastic Confederate Infantry set.  The skirmishing figures are new and come in the form of a smallish four figure sprue.  The command sprue is also the same as in the Confederate box.  The figures are great but to be honest I was a little disappointed in the in the lack of new sculpts.
 I think this is my 19th Union Infantry regiment of 24 figures - should I stop at 20?  Nahhh.
 During the same weekend I paint up some 28mm scale vehicles - a British Scorpian and Technical pickup truck from Empress Miniatures and a Rubicon German Half track
Next up - Pirates!!!!!