Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cold Wars 2011

I decided to make a quick run up to Cold Wars on Friday afternoon as I had some free time and I really wanted to see Barb and Ernie's new booth layout for Architects of War.  The new booth was very impressive.  The space consisted of 15 tables chock full of all there stuff, including the new Desert Building line and the "Hanging Tree" pictured to the left.  The booth was doing a brisk business and I got pressed into helping put labels on products - if any of you purchase some of the Rendera 80x20mm plastic bases from AofW, just remember the ID label was skillfully placed on by yours truly.  I couldn't resist the Hanging Tree, so I picked one up.  According to Ernie, it as well as his new stuff was proving to be moving very briskly.

I thought the con was very heavily attended for a Friday afternoon, which is a good sign for the hobby.  I'm not a fan of the venue (the Host Resort), but it seems to work and I hope HGMS has a very successful event.

 Since I was in the vendor hall, and had a little time to spare I decided to wander through the other vendor booths with predictable results.  My purchases were a bit muted this year as I'm still working to finish up my Early Imperial Roman (EIR) army.  After reading about "Check Your Six" on the What Would Patton Do? blog, I decided to pick up a copy and some 1/300 plane miniatures.  The game looks fun and the mini's appear to be a snap to paint.  I'll use this game with my son and his robotic's team to see if I can recruit some new gamers - I wonder if HGMS pays a bounty for creating new gamers??  I purchased the game and mini's from a vendor called the Last Square who has a nice selection and the booth staff was very helpful in describing how the game plays.  I highly recommend you stop by their booth while your at the con.

Lastly, I also picked up a copy of Command and Colors: Napoleonics.  Ernie and I don't get to play as much Napoleonic as we want given time constraints so I'm hoping this will serve as a nice bridge in between the "big games".  Of course, over the next few days you may here some cursing coming from my direction as I put unit stickers on what appear to be 1.5 million wooden blocks - yup it's either 1.5MM of 320 blocks but either way that's a lot of blocks!


The Angry Lurker said...

Good report on some of the show, good luck with the blocks.

Paul O'G said...

Great stuff - love the hanging tree. We were just saying the other day that our Dark Ages setup needs a "Tree of Woe" and thanks to you I'm now hooked on AoW - I'm building the Well and Pit Roasting sets at the moment

Beccas said...

The hanging tree looks great.

jmezz382 said...

CY6 is a great game. As Steve of WWPD gang fame will say ... "It's Meaty" meaning a great balance between game mechanics, rules that are fair and not too watered down and a great chance factor (running out of ammo, engine problems etc)