Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall-In 2012: F-103 Battle of Lundy's Lane, Version 2.0

My War of 1812 game for Fall-In has just been posted in the Preliminary Event List (PEL) as game "F-103 The Battle of Lundy's Lane, version 2.0!  The game run will run on the first day of the con (Friday 11/2) at 11:00.  There will be room for 6 brigade commanders (3 US and 3 British) plus an army commander for each side.

As mentioned earlier, the game features prize support from not one but two miniature companies Architects of War and Knuckleduster Miniatures.  

If you've never played a War of 1812 game think of of it as Napoleonics with an American flair.  There's limited calvary, widely varying quality of infantry, colorful commanders, more than the usual share of battlefield confusion AND Native American War Parties - what's not to love?

This game will be played with using 28mm miniatures organized into "big Battalions" of no less than 36 figures each.  Terrain will be custom made or come from the great Architects of War line and will feature a prominent hill for both sides to squabble over!  Probably the only downside is that players will be subjected to my form of humor - but nothing's perfect.  As with all of my past convention games, rulings of the game master can and will be influenced by the side who provides that person (me!) the best beer.  Beer will be judged for both quantity and quality.  Please note that the provision of a "Coors Light" to the GM results in an automatic army rout. That penalty may seem harsh but it's in the rules, trust me.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I see the rules are stated as home grown. Are they your own?

I suppose you'll want a Black Label beer instead of a Coors light then.>:-)


Ray Rousell said...

Sounds like its gonna be a great game!!! good luck!

Doc Smith said...

The combination of 'Coors' and 'Light' should be considered an oxymoron. That rule seems perfectly reasonable. ;-)

jmilesr said...

Christopher - The rules were written by Ernie Baker (Architects of War) and I've played them many times. There a lot a fun and very simple.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Oh, I see thanks. Enjoy!