Monday, July 19, 2021

Garden Fun


The garden is doing really well this year - heres a picture of what we pulled out of it on Saturday - and this picture doesn't have the peppers

Lots of tomatoes - there have been rumors that I may have planted too many tomatoes - as if that is even possible.  We do have 8 different types of Tomatoes this year.  My favorites are the Roma's (the oval shaped ones) which are used primarily to make sauce.
Speaking of sauce, the less than perfect tomatoes - ones that have split due to the heat or have some insect damage get cleaned up and then put through a food mill to make sauce.  The pitcher holds 3 quarts and we managed to get a total of 6 quarts of tomato sauce.  My wife then takes the sauce and turns it into marinara sauce which we freeze and use the rest of the year.  We got 2/3 of a gallon today of that red gold.

The garden looks like a bit of a jungle but is doing really well.  It makes my wife really happy and after her year of dealing with COVID she gets what shes wants.

I promise to have some miniatures content in a future post


Codsticker said...

Wonderful looking garden Miles. Sadly the deer have demolished our garden this year as our outside dog went across the rainbow bridge last autumn.

Steve J. said...

That's a great haul from your garden so far, which looks great BTW!

BigLee said...

Looks very yummy. Nothing quite beats home grown produce.

anthony said...

Stretching the legs in the garden in the sunshine and then getting to eat the efforts makes it all worth while.

Congrats on a great haul.