Monday, April 11, 2022

Terrain Workshop Sorted (at least for now)


Well I've managed to clean out the Terrain Workshop.  Sadly, the bulk of the "debris" consisted of various shipping boxes that were retained for storage or to use in building terrain.  Of course neither of those objectives were fulfilled.

This space measure 8x8 and serves as both a terrain workbench and storage.  The big plus of this apce is it has a pair of doors which can be closed and hide the mess from the wife.  She has learned long ago that these doors are best left closed.

I've got the bulk and most commonly used scenery materials in a shelf unit right next to the work bench.

If we pan in a clockwise direction one can see 1 of 2 small parts bins - this one has small terrain items like various grass tufts, different grades of sand and special small detail parts.

Continuing our clockwise progression is a new paint rack for craft paints and the second small parts bin which is pretty much empty (for now)

In this corner, I store my unfinished hex terrain (just cut hexes in the boxes and my collection of 2x2 terrain panels.

Finally, another storage cabinet - the drawers hold my 6mm Russo-Japanese War collection and the plastic bins have 6mm ancients.  On top are my fully finished 4" hex terrain. 

Speaking of terrain making, I did decide to do a little work on the hex terrain - you knew that workbench couldn't stay that clean!


TamsinP said...

All very tidy...for now! :)

Codsticker said...

Great workspace. Now you have got me thinking I should do a tidy of mine...

Matt Crump said...

But now you won’t be able to find anything ! Well that’s what happens to me 😢

Terry Silverthorn said...

Always great to have a dedicated space. Any large terrain project I need to do on my gaming table, which means games aren't happening during that time. Not really an issue the past couple of years!

Ray Rousell said...

Very tidy Miles! If only my work area were the same!