Thursday, November 24, 2011

Four Day Sale at Architect of War

I was over visiting Ernie yesterday and he let me know that Architects of War has jumped on the "Black Friday" bandwagon and will be having a four day sale.  If you're into 28mm mini's you might consider checking out the sale. The sale runs from Friday to Monday.

All Perry plastics are 20% off on Friday - I'm heading back over to get some more plastic british infantry for my upcoming  War of 1812 project.

check out the sale:

Happy Thanksgiving eveyone

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SAGA Norman Warband Completed

 My Vikings now have a foe for the tabletop - a 4 point Norman War-band, which consists of a Mounted Warlord, 2 units of Mounted Hearthguard, a unit or Warriors with spears, and a second unit of Warriors with crossbows.  These gents should pose a good challenge to my Vikings.  All of the mounted figures are plastics from Conquest Games.  The foot figures are metals from Gripping Beast.  Sorry for the bad lighting in the photos.

 The unit of spear -armed Warriors look dashing sporting their Little Big Man shield transfers.  Some of you may remember the rather questionable attempt at hand painting shields with my Viking War-band - the figures just look so much better with the LBM transfers.  They are well worth the cost.

 Some crossbowmen to pepper and annoy my plucky Vikings.  Wow designer shields AND annoying crossbow bolts - those Vikings are really going to hate theses guys.

 The first of two units of mounted hearthguard.  I really like the Conquest Plastics.  The LBM shield transfers required just a bit of trimming along the bottom to fit the Conquest figures but that wasn't too hard.

 The second unit of mounted Hearthguard.  All of the figures in each unit sport the same tunic color to help tell them apart on the table top.

 A close up of the shields - I here they're all the rage on the Paris runways this year....

Lastly, here is the Norman Warlord.  I think he came out "OK" but will likely switch him out for a metal version that will look a bit more heroic.