Saturday, July 25, 2009

28mm Napoleonics, Part Duex

I’ve been going through some pictures of old Napoleonic games and I must say I’m hooked both on the period and the scale. While my painting skills haven’t progressed to what you can see in the picture above, I can improve them a great deal by working on this project. So now you have it - yet another project to be completed - do war gamers ever actually finish any project?

Anyway, I recently took a drive up to Lancaster to go to Historicon and came away with the makings of a initial French force:

3 Boxes of Victrix French Infantry

3 Boxes of Perry French Infantry

1 Package of Perry French Officers

21 Perry French Light Cavalry Figures (expensive little buggers)

1 Perry 6lb artillery piece w/ crew

I’ve got enough for 6 36-man Infantry battalions, a light cavalry unit and some artillery. I’d like to get some French Dragoons and a 12lbr to round out the force.

I didn’t pick up an artillery limber as they are awfully expensive - perhaps I can scratch build one using some plastic horse models and some strip wood.

Once I finish the French, I’m thinking of picking up some Foundry US war of 1812 figures (in the same scale).


JAM said...

Hi Miles,

I would like to see a few more photos of that great piece of terrain you have above.


jmilesr said...

I'll post some more photos, but the terrain in the picture is at a club members home so the terrain isn't mine.