Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flames of War Game

It was a rainy day today (thank you, hurricane Bill) so my son and I decided to play a game.
As a change of pace from Napoleonics, we decided to play a Flames of War (FOW) game pitting an American armored company attacking a depleted German paratrooper company with tank support. Sean played the Americans and I was the Germans. We didn't bother to tally up the point totals but the forces were roughly equal.

Here is the line up:

US Tank company (10 M4A1 and 7 M4AE8 Shermans)
1 Armored Infantry Platoon
1 M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon (2 M10's plus scouts)
4 Priests
3 M8 Armored Cars
P-47 CAS

German Force
2 Depleted Paratrooper Platoons
1 MG Section
1 Assault Gun Platoon (5 Stugs)
1 Tank Platoon (5 Pz IV's)
1 Heavy Tank Platoon (2 Tigers)
1 Artillery Section (2 105mm)

Well, it seems we took a lot a set-up pictures, but then forgot to take any "in-game" shots - Dohhh! Never fear, those doughty Americans with their air cover won the day, although it was a close run - Tigers can be very handy in the bocage. This was one of our first FOW games on the new table and I think it looks pretty good. I need to build some more bocage sections and some hills but our scenery is shaping up. Some of it is "store-bought" but that's OK - at least we're playing.

You can see some of my son's 40k stuff in the background of some of the shots. He plays Space Marines and is building the new "Ironclad Dreadnought". He's gotten back into 40K in a big way. We're fortunate to have a store and one of the "battle bunkers" close by so he's been doing some playing lately. I hear a lot of negative chatter about GW, but our experiences have been very good. They do charge an arm and a leg for there products but there is the overhead of the game stores/experience and they own the I.P. From a business perspective you gotta respect those margins!

Anyway that's all for tonight. Sorry about the picture quality, I was using my I-Phone tonight.


Secundus said...

Your room and board set up look stunning, I found your post about Perrys vs Victrix very intresting as I'm making the same choice right now. Nice painting aswell by the way. I'm on holiday at the mo in Crete, but when I get back I'll be posting up loads of Napoleonic cartoons I've been doing. I hope they help you finish your force. I've just aquired a set of Foundry's Napoleon rules, they use units of 24...even for the French.

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the complements. I have found having a dedicated table to be very useful, especially with the extra storage. Somehow, my wife doesn't seem to find the normal clutter of a modeler's workbench all that attractive, from an aesthetic viewpoint. Go figure.

I have really liked painting the Nappy uniforms - my initial view was a bit a dread at the prospect, but was pleasantly surprised.

One other thought about the Victrix figures - the moulded plastic base that each figure has is very think. I've found, when mounted and next to other figures, it looks like they are wearing elevator shoes. I'll be removing those "factory" bases and then remounting my Victrix.

I look forward to your new cartoons and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Donogh said...

That set up looks chock-a-block with tanks! (Surprised any of them could advance safely at all)
Anyway, the terrain looks fantastic. Nice bocage, and building with removable roofs always get my vote.
Look forward to seeing more of your gaming here

jmilesr said...

Yes it is a bit full of tanks, I think that's more due to I find painting tanks in 15mm a lot more fun than infantry! Maybe we should add a house rule for traffic jams and friendly fire due to road rage!

Thanks for the comment