Saturday, December 19, 2009

28 Carabiniers Ready for Dipping

I managed to put the time windfall from being snowed in to get the 28 figure carabinier unit ready for the dip.  The basic painting is complete and all the extra parts (sword hilts and carbines) have been attached to the basic figures.

I'll let everything set up tonight and start dipping in the am.  I'm going to use the light tone from the Army Painter product set.  Army Painter may be a bit pricey but I know it works so I keep using it.

Still rushing to get my Frenchies completed by mid January.  I hope those of you in the mid-atlantic states are using this weekend's blizzard to good use by catching up on your wargaming projects!


JAM said...

That is a big unit, I wish I had the patience to do that many at one time.

Nice work.


jmilesr said...

It can get a bit tedious unless you break the painting process down to groups of 6-12 figs at a time. I once did a 43 figure unit as an assembly line - color 1, 42 times, then color 2 42 times....

I almost gave up the hobby during that slog!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays


Secundus said...

Lovely unit, nice and big aswell.