Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Progress on ACW Ironclads

I made some more progress on some additional ACW Ironclads, finishing 4 Union and 1 Confederate vessel.  I have three left to build, another Union side wheeler (as shown in the photo) and the Raiders CSS Alabama and USS Kearsarge.  All the models are from Thoroughbred Miniatures and I continue to like building them.  My ending naval forces will consist of 8 Union vessels and 6 Confederates.

The one confederate vessel I built this go-round was the Ocean going ironclad the CSS Stonewall.  I thought it was a neat looking model.  The rigging is minimal but I will be adding some etched brass ratlines that I ordered from White Ensign Models.  Given the trials of the game table and that I have trouble tying small knots due to some motor skills issues from a stroke a few years ago, I decided to use thin brass rod for the rigging.  It supports the masts and is (for me) easier to install.  I also us a tiny blob of green stuff on each end of the rod to hold the brass in place while the glue dries.  I like how it came out and will be trying the brass rod on some Langotn's also.  One does need to be pretty exact with the lengths so I use a caliper to make an exact measurement.

I've also been filling out my 6mm ACW armies and finished 10 regiments of Union Infantry and 2 Regiments of Calvary.  Each regiment is based on a 60mm x 30mm base and has 28 figures.  I would equate painting a 28 6mm figures to painting 2 28mm Napoleonic figures.

I should apologize for the limited posts, but we've been busy at home over the past few weeks.  My wife hosted a reception for her women dental students last weekend which required a lot of prep work.  I had to attend to serve the food and play the dutiful husband.  As you can see from the picture below, it was tough duty, but someone had to do it.  My wife (Mary Beth) is on the far right of the first row.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I was going to say something like "sweet models" but I better qualify my comment as: lots of excellent ACW naval work there! Very impressive skills :)

I will also add you "lucky son of a gun" :)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

My heart bleeds for you! :o))

Those ironclads are nice though - I have that down as a future project so interested to see how you get on..

JAM said...

Looks like you are having a real tough time of it, being kept away from wargaming with other tasks.


jmilesr said...

I did pull some tough duty there, what with answering the door, serving quiche and such. The highlight of the day was a question from one of the young ladies asking "how long have you been playing with toy soldiers" and my lovely wife's quick response "way too long".

Galpy said...

man those iron clads are looking real nice I've never even thought of doing such a project before, what are the game mechanics like for these

jmilesr said...

Galpy: I'm still shopping for some rules but it will likely play like a game of uncharted seas - since the naval game will be a subset of the main campaign I'm leaning towards "simple" naval rules

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Miles - way back in the day I made some of my own ironclads by casting my own ships in lead (plaster moulds from modelling clay masters!)The rules I used came from Featherstone's Naval Wargames book - want me to hook them out and see if they are as simple as I remember them being???

Anonymous said...

I clearly need to change Dentists in the not too distant future!

Cracking little ships by the way.


jmilesr said...

I've got a copy of featherstone's naval wargaming book - I'll see if they're in there. If not I'll take you up on your offer


Adelaide Gamer said...

Tough gig, by the sounds of it.