Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to Painting Romans & 2 French Frigates

Given that my first foray into GM'ng a convention game coming in less than 2 months (Historicon), there was a need to switch gears and work on some more troops.  Two more 24 figure Roman cohorts are now underway and should be completed in the next week or so.

One cohort is in painting and the other is assembled  and waiting to be primed.  Like my other Legionaries, these figures are the 28mm Warlord plastics.  I really like the Warlord plastics and have done some very minor customizations just for kicks.

With the addition of the 2 cohorts-in-process, the Roman army for my historicon game will feature:
5, 24 figure Legionnaire cohorts
2, 24 figure units of Auxiliary infantry
2, 12 figure units of Auxiliary calvary
1 Artilley unit (2 scorpians and a Ballista)

 Thats a nice sized force to go up against....


I'm hoping the Dacians will be a fun force to play - I don't see them around that much and my version will feature some Sarmatian light and heavy cavalry.  Well the Sarmatian light cavalry might look like the Warlord Celtic Cavalry but it will do.

My game is sponsored by Architects of War, so I need to do a good job on the presentation - no pressure there!

 I did manage to finish (except for rigging) 2, 44 gun French frigates.  The rigging should only take an hour or so and will get done later this week.  That will be it on naval modeling until after the prep work for Hcon is done.  I still need to build the sectional terrain boards and some special items for the scenario.

It should be a busy few months.


Man Cave said...

Nice Frigates! Good luck with all that painting. I found dedicating time to do a little bit every day brings great progress

DeanM said...

Those ships are coming out quite lovely. Lots of Romans coming along too. Regards, Dean

Paul´s Bods said...

Romans and 1800´s ships...variety is the spice of life :-D

jmilesr said...

It is a bit of an eclectic project list!!!!

Monty said...

Impressive all round, Miles!