Friday, June 10, 2011

HCON Hail Caesar Test Game Tonight

 I just finished setting up a rough test game of my planned Historicon "Hail Caesar" demo game for a run through tonight.  The scenario has a Roman column that must get the emperor to a fort on the other side of the table.  Of course, the opposing Dacians have other, more gruesome, plans for the Emperor Trajan.  The first picture shows the Roman column strung out along an invisible (aka yet to be made) road trudging along to the fort.

 Here's a picture of their objective - a small fortified camp somewhere along the Dacian border.

 The fort is defended by some artillery units and a band of mercenary Gauls.  I'm sure that the allegiances of those Gauls is beyond reproach.

 Hey wait a minute - paper Dacians - now that's cheesey.  Sadly, the Dacians are not completed so we'll be using some paper stand-ins.  At lest there are some graphics (you'd be surprised how images of "ancient Dacians" comes up on a Google Search.  The Dacians are divided into 2 forces - a group of four light calvary at the far end of the table.

 The second, a bigger force consists of six infantry units and a unit a Sarmatian heavy calvary.  The Dacians are armed with Falx's which count as a two handed weapon and thus reduce the saving throws of my plucky Romans - very dangerous chaps.

Here's a close up of the Sarmations.  These are Old Glory figures that were painted by Pictor's Studio.  I think the did a first class job - as you can see in the next picture.
 Very nice indeed, one day my painting my come up to this quality.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming Sarmatians the Warlord will be producing.

 Speaking of painting, I have finished one Sarmation infantry unit which is still drying from being dipped.

I also received an advance copy of the new Dacian command group from Warlord - it's a fabulous set.  The guy with two Falx's is the best mini I've ever seen!


Anonymous said...

Good lcuk with the game and if your playing the Romans, good luck with the Gauls sticking it out till the end.

Monty said...

Completed or not, it's impressive stuff nonetheless, Miles! Whoop! Whoop!



Docsmith said...

Those woods look suitably dark and ominous and I'm sure the Gaulish allies will be keen to venture there to save their Roman friends (not!) Those Warlord Dacians look very interesting - look forward to seeing them painted up. Great table BTW!


Josiah M said...

The game looks great as is! I'm sure it will be fantastic by the time it is tweaked and ready for the con!

jmezz382 said...

Great looking stuff ... and no worries I will know it will come all together ...

I love your gaming room BTW !

Minitrol said...

Those forests are awesome are they scratch built? Any tips on replicating?

Andrew NZ

jmilesr said...

The forests were made by my friend Ernie, who runs a miniature company called Architects of War. He has a tutorial posted on how to make similar forest sections with removable canopies for 6mm - 15mm:

jmilesr said...
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Minitrol said...

@jmilesr thanks for the link! My goodness Ernie has quite the enviable gaming room!

Looking forward to seeing the finished Dacians.


Andrew NZ

Curt said...

The scenario looks/sounds great! I'm sure it will be a fabulous event - wish I could make it out.