Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romans vs Dacians Battle Report

 My son and I had a quick Roman vs Dacian fight the other night using Hail Caesar.  The game was one of those standard ancients "line'em up and go" scenarios with no special rules.  As with a lot of my battle reports,  I forgot to take pictures of the game in process.  My son, Sean, commanded the Dacians and I played the Romans.

 The Roman left wing proved to be my undoing as it was too weak to withstand the onslaught of the Sarmatian Cataphracts and Heavy Cavalry.  The artillery on the hill was helpful but the light troops were unsupported and could not stand up to the charge of the heavies.

 Here's a picture of the Dacian battle line, 4 light cavalry on the left wing, 6 warbands with falx's in the center and the two Sarmatian cav's on the right.

Opposing them on the Roman side were 2 aux cav and 1 aux infantry on the right flank, 5 Legionnaire cohorts in the center and 1 aux infantry, 1 Gallic warband and the artillery on the right.  The Roman right and center held their ground well but when the left went, those $&%# Sarmatians rolled up my line.

The "stars" of the battle - Sarmatian cataphracts and Heavy cav.  Almost all of the figures on the table are from Warlord games.  I'm planning on expanding both armies over the next few months.  I picked up some Successor armored elephant units at Historicon which I will convert into Romans using some extra plastic figures.  Those poor Roman's need something to counter the Sarmatians!


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice one, just being helpful but your title needs sorting "Romans".

jmilesr said...

Thanks - spelling was never one of my stronger skills.

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking game, shame you forgot to take more pics. That's a great looking lair you've got there11

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great Cave, nice figs and most importantly a good time with your Lad!

DeanM said...

Another great looking game! BTW, without getting too "technical," is HC similar to Black Power? I recall a buddy of mine saying that, as I just ordered a copy of BP. Just wondering. Best, Dean

Monty said...

Impressive set up as ever, Miles!

Ubique said...

Lovely looking game. Any chance of close up of the Sarmatian figures?


jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments

Dean: HC is very similar to BP. The command control aspect is identical. Movement distances are less (6 inches/move for infantry). Ranged fire is less effective and melee combat usually goes multiple rounds. Melee is a lot of fun and I like HC a bit better than BP from a game aspect

Unique: I'll post some pics of the cataphrachts - there are some close up posted a few messages back


DeanM said...

Thanks, Miles. I recall hearing those same observatons by some folks - about HC being a bit better than BP. Oh well, I still can't wait to get my copy of BP. Best, Dean

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking game and I'm interested to see how your ellies turn out.


Beccas said...

That game looks so impressive.

Figurenschieber said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.