Thursday, September 1, 2011

PSC Panzer IV's and Battlefront Stuarts

 This post features a return to 15mm WWII and shows my progress on two tank platoons.  The German platoon is 5 Panzer IV's and the American are 5 Stuarts.  The Stuarts are Battlefront models and the Panzer IV's are the new Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) models that I picked up at Historicon.  These models are about 80% complete as I haven't finished detailing the models or sealing them.

 A few close up shots of the PSC tanks.  Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of the models.  You get 5 tanks per box for $26.50 and each sprue allows one to build 3 versions of the Panzer IV (short barrel, long barrel, long barrel with skirting). When assembled the models look great and are very easy to paint.  I've seen other blogs described the tracks as a bit fiddly to put on (they come in an upper and lower section).  The trick with the tracks is to test fit to make sure you know the front and rear orientation - it's not the easy to spot when just looking at the parts.

 I find plastic to be a lot easier to work with than resin and it's much easier to make conversions or make objective markers out of the kits.  The hull details are a tad less exacting than the battlefront resin Panzer IV's bit it really isn't noticeable.  The models are sized to work alongside their battlefront counterparts.
While the photo is horrible, I also was working on 5 Stuart tanks (Battlefront mini's).  I've been listening to the accolades placed on Stuarts from various versions of the WWPD podcast so I decide to jump in an finish up a platoon that I had assembled and primed over two years ago.  Like the Panzer IV's above, I still need to finish up the stowage details and then seal the minis.  They should be on the tabletop in a week.


Anonymous said...

Now they look very tasty

Adam said...

Have you bought any of the PSC stugs? They are pretty good.

jmilesr said...

Adam - I don't have any of the PSC stugs - yet!

I do have three boxes of T-34/85s which will be put together when I get around to starting my Russian army.

Have a good Holiday