Monday, December 17, 2012

An Award

Sir Tobi over at Tobi's Paint Pot has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award.  This was a very gracious gesture from Sir Tobi and much appreciated.  Much like the "Stylish Blogger Award" from a few years ago, this seems to be the blog version of a chain letter but one with more noble intentions.

So first off, thanks to Sir Tobi for the award - your kindness is only exceeded by your acumen when it comes to internet content.


The rules of the game are to (1) Post a picture of the award, (2) Link back to the awarder, (3) name 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers, and (4) bask in the glory that is you.

Tobi's nomination of my bends the rules on the 200 followers limit so, of course, I now feel now able to break the same rule and feel safe with the ironclad legal defense of the playground "Well Tobi did it first"

With the legal niceties out of the way here are my nominees, in no particular order.  Please note some may have already received the award but I'm too lazy to check that thoroughly.

(1) The 1,000 Foot General: This is a great blog by a very nice fellow resident from Maryland.  There's a range of periods covered and the painting is top-notch.

(2) Lead, Paint and the General: This is Jow Mezz's blog.  Joe is one of the original members of the WWPD crew and his blog is a lot of fun - go take a look.  No, not when you're done reading this tripe but RIGHT NOW!  COME ON MOVE IT!  I'll be here when you're done...

(3) Wargames and Railroads: Another eclectic blog that combines my two hobbies "choo-choo's and toy soldiers.  The author has gotten into reviewing some laser cur buildings and his writing style is both informative and fun.

(4) Wargaming in 28mm and blah, blah.  This is John T's blog and despite it's long name it's one of my favorites.  John's one of the best painters that I have every seen and his attention to historical detail is very impressive and put me to shame!  The blog is mostly focused on Napoleonics but there some other stuff too.

(5) Satrap Miniatures: This blog focuses on ancients and he has a large Dacian Army and plays Hail Caesar.  Yup he's a carbon copy of me with the minor exception that his painting is superb and he's a very interesting read.  Yup other than those two issues we're two peas in a miniature clamshell case.

Whew there you have it.  Go take a look at those blogs and spread the joy!

Damn - now that I've put you guys onto to quality blogs you'll never want to come back here.....



Phil Broeders said...


John de Terre Neuve said...

Very kind of you Miles, I appreciate the compliment.


Monty said...

Excellent Miles! Nice one - Merry Christmas BTW ;)

Senyor Verd said...


Sir Tobi said...

Many thanks for your kind words, miles, I feel honoured. And thanks for the great blogs you've hinted me at, they are sure worth following.
Best regards, Tobi (who did it first and is therefore guilty - I think my wife will like this reasoning and I can't even start thinking about what she will apply it to...)