Monday, October 13, 2014

Regimental Fire and Fury Scenario Book II is Out

The second scenario book for the Regimental Fire and Fury game system has been published and is now available here.  The book covers battles from the mid period of the war (1862-63).  The series is extremely well researched and these scenario books are as much historical research as they are game scenarios.  The orders of battle and battlefield layouts are extremely detailed and well researched.

There are 13 scenarios in the book and I've been able to play test a few of them.  RF&F is the best ACW rules set I've come across and does a great job in balancing playability with historical "realism".  I've yet to have a bad game playing the ruleset and doubt I ever will.

Go on over to the publisher's website and take a look!

OK, heres the deal - in addition to purchasing a great scenario book, you'll be encouraging Rich (the author) to start work on book III, which means more gaming opportunities for me via play testing.  Good karma for you, more gaming for me - that's a win-win baby!


Rodger said...

On order already! I do like your thinking "Good karma for you, more gaming for me"!!

Ian said...

Sounds good for all you ACW gamers so all win as you say.

Can you drop me an email with you address. I am sure I should have it somewhere but can't find it. It's for the Secret Santa


Sean said...

Perhaps I'll finally take the plunge on F & F. I've always heard good things about it. I also look forward to reading about the Ironclad game.