Friday, March 11, 2016

AHPC VI: A ship and a Greyhound

 Not a lot of painting was done this week - as ingle 1/1200 scale Langton third rate and a 28mm M8 Greyhound armored car.
 I present to you the USS Columbus a 74 gun third rate that was launched in 1819 and joins my small but powerful US fleet for some "what-if" gaming

 The rigging is minimal as it just doesn't hold up that well on the table top.

 A M8 Greyhound for Warlord games.  Some of the metal detail parts were horribly cast so I couldn't use them.  Instead I made some sand bags to cover up where the mangled headlights should have gone.

Not a huge submission but at least it was something...


DeanM said...

Nice work on both of these, Miles. Too bad about the casting on the Greyhound. You should let them know, they might send you replacement.

Francis Lee said...

Lovely work on those Miles!

paulalba said...