Monday, September 26, 2016

London & Lambeth Castle

Wow - almost a month without a post.  This damn work thing can be most inconvenient hobby wise.

I just got back from a quick trip to London for a Clear Score board meeting and a few other meetings.  It was sunny the entire week - unheard of.

I had zero open time for any social activities but managed to get in a stroll this Saturday am before catching my flight home.

 The stock picture of Big Ben.
 I did finally investigate Lambeth Castle along it's perimeter.  The company's offices a literally across the street from the castle but I never really looked at it.  It's a really interesting set of building.

I love the brick textures and, yes, just about every walk-about ends in in adding to my terrain making ideas.

 A shot of Lambeth bridge.  It may not be the most majestic of the Thames bridges but I walk across it several times a day when in London.
 Lambeth Church - I will be making a terrain piece that looks like this

 Theres a nice garden/green area across the street from the office
It would be really nice if the contraction was done.

Another whirlwind trip to London - arrive tuesday am and leave Saturday afternoon.  Total free time to play - 1.5 hrs sat morning - that's not so hot.  I'm really bad at this boondoggling thing.


Ray Rousell said...

Shame we couldn't meet up again Miles....maybe next time?

jmilesr said...

Definitely next - will likely be early December

Ray Rousell said...

Just let us know and we may be able to squeeze a game in???