Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WoodWorking for Wargamers: Shelving, post 15

 Storage - its the bane of all miniatures gamers.  If it can be said that a woodworking shop can never have enough clamps, then it can be also said that a gamers lair can't have enough storage options.  Last Saturday, I received orders to clean up the basement to be ready for guests over Thanksgiving so I needed some more shelves.  I decided to build a unit that would slip into the closet I've been allocated.  The total size of the shelf is 48" long, 18 inches high and 18 inches deep.

This one is built for utility not looks and and requires:
- one 4x4' 8" sheet of 1/2 inch construction grade plywood cut into
     2 18inch wide by 4 foot long sheets (These are the shelves)
     2 18x18 inch wide squares (these are the sides)
     4 48 inch long strips for backing

- 12.5 feet of 1x2 pine cut into
     4 18 inch lengths
     6 15 inch lengths
     2 approx 8.5 inch lengths (more on these later)

 Each side will use 2 of the 18 inch 1/2 for supports along the top to bottom and then 3of the 15 inch sideways to support the  shelves.

I forgot to take a picture of the aside supports but you but the go in between the two vertical supports, with one at each end and one in the middle.  You can see them in the next picture.

I used wood glue with a few screws to hold everything in place.
 The next step is to attach the shelves to the side supports.  I attached the top shelf first and then the lower one.  You need to shorten the length of the lower shelf by 1 inch since it sits inside the frame and cut notches in each corner.

It's really import to check for square as you go about each step.
 I added center supports long the back out of approx 8.5 inch 1x2's.  These need to be cut to size.  This will help prevent the center of the shelve from sagging.
 Another shot of the front.  It's not pretty but it's functional and very sturdy.
To prevent wobble, I added some plywood strips along the back  I didn't encase the entire back to reduce weight as I need to carry the unit from the garage and down into the basement and I'm lazy.

I'll likely build a few more but this is definitely a function over form project.


DeanM said...

Very impressive carpentry skills once again, Miles. Great to see it coupled so well with the hobby.

Paul O'G said...

I need you to come pimp my Man Cave :-)

For when you have more time and feel so inclined, this would be really neat to have the middle shelf tray slide out to gain better access without picking the whole thing up. Just an idea

jmilesr said...

Paul, there’s a good chance i’ll be over to Australia for business in the 1h of 2018, perhaps I can extend my stay and build something for you!

MSFoy said...

I was slow getting here for this post, but am really most impressed - not only with the units you are building, which are well thought out and executed, but just the magnificent state of your workshop - I would give anything to have a facility like that. Well, in theory I do, but my family insists on dropping everything just inside the door or in random heaps on any remaining horizontal surface, so that mostly we just abandon it to the spiders.

Different planet. Inspiring. Everything in its place. I may have to cry for a little while.

jmilesr said...

My workshop isn’t that impressive - it’s just half of our two car garage - ok a little more than half cause I have some workbenches on wheels!

I had your same problem with “space management” before my son went of to university.

Thanks for the comment

Monty said...

Great work, Miles 😁