Thursday, February 8, 2018

Challenge Update: Union Infantry Regiment and

 I'm a bit behind in posting my painting output for this year's challenge so will try to catch up over the next few days.  First up is a 24 figure Union Infantry regiment
 These are 28mm in scale and are from the "new" Perry plastic Union Infantry box.  "New" is qualified as the box is half new - the figures that are marching with shouldered arms are the same as found in the Perry plastic Confederate Infantry set.  The skirmishing figures are new and come in the form of a smallish four figure sprue.  The command sprue is also the same as in the Confederate box.  The figures are great but to be honest I was a little disappointed in the in the lack of new sculpts.
 I think this is my 19th Union Infantry regiment of 24 figures - should I stop at 20?  Nahhh.
 During the same weekend I paint up some 28mm scale vehicles - a British Scorpian and Technical pickup truck from Empress Miniatures and a Rubicon German Half track
Next up - Pirates!!!!!


Ray Rousell said...

Great work Miles!

Phil said...

Great looking minis and vehicles, well done!

Phil King said...

I am surprised to read that your advancing figures were the same as in the Confederate box, mine contained new sculpts in sack coats and my Rebs are all in shell jackets, the command are different too, maybe your box contents got mixed up?