Friday, March 2, 2018

Terrain Squares

 This week in the Lair it's been an all out effort on terrain production - in the form of 1 foot square pieces from Sally 4th's new Terra Former line.

The rather garish white you see in the first picture is 1/8 inch polystyrene plastic sheet which forms the base for any water features.

I'll be doing some resin pours this weekend.
I'm very confident that I can hide the seems but that will be a bit of detail work to do while the resin sets.

The squares are held together with magnets and I'm really liking the possibilities these smaller sections open up.

Great product design job Sally 4th!


Gary said...

I like what you are doing. The concept of Sally 4th tile is real innovative. If you don't what was the cost of all the parts to include shipping? If it was reasonable I may purchase them. Great blog...

Phil said...

Looks superb!