Monday, June 18, 2018

Gardening in 2018

 My wife and I like to garden (Ok she likes to garden and I work for her).  This year we went a little overboard on tomatoes and have planted 8 different kinds and have a total of 38 plants "in-the'way"

We're starting to get some tomatoes forming - first up are some Roma's which are my favorite as they are primarily used to make tomato sauce - gallons of that red gold!

 More Roma's

 Some "Big Boy" hybrids
 We may even get some preaches this year!
It al depends on how my war with the raccoons goes.  They are a worthy and crafty opponent and tend to eat all the peaches and figs before their ripe.  Bastards.

Because my wife loves peaches, she has authorized the use of deadly force in the defense of our homestead.  Her rules of engagement do ban the use of a shotgun as they have been deemed "too loud and messy".  That reduces my arsenal to some cage traps.  At least we can learn the answer to the age old questions of which do raccoons like more - peanut butter or peaches?

Another of my animal kingdom foes - Deer.  This one is standing right next to the garden - I'm pretty sure I could here that doe mocking me.  I really do need to get my wife to reassess he position on lead poisoning.


Lee Hadley said...

Racoon's have superpowers, as testified by that plucky bugger in Minnesota last week (in case you haven't seen it... Seriously, don't mess with Racoon's... they will f@$% you right up!

Guidowg said...

Deer steaks, maybe not!

TamsinP said...

You could work on her by occasionally purchasing venison sausages, venison steaks, venison roasting joints...soon the thought of venison = dead dear will be firmly lodged and you'll be allowed to use lethal force against your Cervidaean opponents.

You'll even be able to make real "humble pie" from the offals :)

Ray Rousell said...

Who doesn't live tomatoes? Let's hope the Racoons don't?

Lasgunpacker said...

Probably not legal in your locality, but you can snare deer...