Monday, December 3, 2018

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge IX: Prep Work Commences

The start of December brings joy, excitement and industry here to the Lair.  Joy and excitement as December 1st marks our official start to the holiday season.  Industry as the early days of December are filled with prep work for the upcoming Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

You will see A LOT of 15mm (technically 18mm) Napoleonics this year as evidenced by the painting bench.  There are some Old Glory  War of 1812 US Marines in the upper left and next to them in the back row are some British Napoleonic Marines (also from Old Glory.  I'm going to paint the US troops to be French Marines - don't tell anyone OK?

In the lower left we have some standard French Ligne troops from AB miniatures.  The AB stuff is slightly better than the Old Glory ones but Old Glory has a crushing advantage in terms of price - especially if one gets the OG Army discount card.

You may notice some wagons in the picture also.  I've got some supply trains to build up and a lot of limbers, I hat painting limbers!

My 15mm Nappy's number in the 2,300 figure range in terms of painted and based and I'm shooting for close to 3,500 for the Historicon game in July, 2019 so there's a good bit to go here.

Oh and I MAY have a bit of a terrain bomb to set off over the three months of the challenge.....

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Francis Lee said...

Good prepping and good luck too!