Sunday, March 22, 2020

Green Field Test Piece

 I wanted to make some fields and so, in between virus related work calls, a test piece was made.  Now I am stealing this idea from my club where they have lots of these.  The club has a short online tutorial that can be found at 6mmacw.

Construction couldn't be simpler - just cut some scrap fabric, in this case two different shades of green felt and some tan corduroy for plowed fields.  The sections are then attached on the underside with duct tape.  Short "teddy bear" fur would be even better for wheat fields but I don't have any on hand.  I've also got some moral qualms about using teddy bear fur - what kind of monster is capable of trapping and then skinning wild teddy bears just for their fur?  Barbaric.

The field edge boundaries are made by hot glueing woodland scenics clump foliage around the edge.  Apply the glue in 1.5 to 2 inch lengths to give you enough time to pick out the clumps and attach them while the glue is still tacky.

I'm intending to use these for 15 and 6mm gaming.  Pictured is a 15mm Austrian infantry battalion and the field edgig is perfect for light cover.  At the 6mm scale the edges could even be hedgerows or bocage.
I added the stone wall as a whim.  It's just small sized talus (another Woodland Scenics product) that is attached with hot glue.  you do need to form the wall by pressing the talus into the glue with your fingers so there is a little bit of trial and error waiting for the glue to cool enough to still be soft but not burn your fingers hot.

I like the look of the wall but but not the coloring.  It will get a grey stain today but I'm afraid that will seep into the fabric.  I'm also going to experiment with staining the field a darker tan brown and other details.  If the wall staining fails I think I'l just make a bunch of stone wall sections in 12 inch lengths and then cut them to fit.  On second thought, the pre-made walls is likely they better way to go as I can also add things likes gates and openings.  Plus one can never have enough wall sections when making terrain.

Overall this is really promising and I think they add a lot of character to a bland table top.

 I did borrow a lot of the club's fields for my Historicon game in 2019 - heres a shot of how they look on the table without troops.

By the way, here's hoping there is a Historicon in 2020.  Im pretty confident there will be and will plan accordingly.
and a close up with some troops. 

So if I can use the club's why make more?  Well two reasons, (i) so I can use them at home when I host games and (ii) there's a lot of wear and tear on terrain is it gets transported and used at conventions and I'd rather not inflict that on the clubs terrain.  Plus I need some creative outlet as I'm helping my portfolio companies go through a rather devastating interruption in activity.

Stay safe everyone.

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tanner cast said...

The corduroy for a plowed field looks like a winner!