Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What games do we play? After announcing to the world that one is a miniature war gamer, I suppose there is a requirement to specify what games systems one plays. I was brought into the hobby by my son, who wanted to try playing Warhammer 40k. We started with an Eldar force for Sean and a Space Marine force for me. We enjoyed both building the models and playing each other so much we decided to expand our interests into more historical gaming.

Our first foray into historical gaming was WWII via Battlefront’s Flames of War, which I find to be a fun game but it does play a little like Warhammer 40K. We also game the civil war using 6mm figures from Baccus.

My latest acquisition has been the Trafalgar ruleset and a handful of 1/1200 sailing ship models from Langston Miniatures

Game and Miniature Summary:

World War II

Ruleset: Flames of War

Miniatures: Battlefront 15mm



  • 2 Platoons Fallschimjager infantry
  • 1 Fallschimjager Machine gun platoon
  • 1 Fallschimjager HQ Platoon
  • 1 Armored Infantry Platoon
  • 5 Mark IV’s
  • 5 Stug Assault Guns
  • 3 Panther
  • 2 Tigers
  • 3 Puma Armored Cars
  • 1 88MM Flak Gun w/ transport
  • 105mm artillery Battery (4 tubes plus command and spotters)

US Tank Company

  • 10 M4A1 Shermans
  • 7 M4AE8 76mm Shermans
  • 1 M10 Anti-tank Platoon (4 M-10’s plus recon elements)
  • 3 M8 Greyhounds
  • 1 Armored Infantry Platoon
  • 1 Ranger Platoon
  • 1 120mm Mortar platoon (4 tubes)
  • 4 M7 Priests

American Civil War

Ruleset: Polemos

Miniatures: Bacuss6mm



  • 12 Infantry bases
  • 2 Cavalry bases (mounted and dismounted)
  • 10 Artillery bases
  • 5 Command bases


  • 12 Infantry Bases
  • 2 Cavalry bases (mounted and dismounted)
  • 5 Artillery bases
  • 5 Command bases

Napoleonic Naval

Ruleset: Trafalgar


US Fleet (4 ships-of-the-line, 3 frigates)

British Fleet (3 frigates)

all ships from Langston Miniatures

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