Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Game Mat

My new terrain mat just arrived the other day. I ordered both a large (6’ x 4’) and small (2’ x 4’) game mat for The Terrain Guy (Allen) a little less than two weeks ago. The ordering process was done via his website and a few email exchanges. Once nice feature of the ordering experience is that you receive a number of progress report emails that note the different steps of the process.

As for the mat’s, I was very pleased by the quality. I selected the brown-green version as way able to specify 75% green and 25% brown. The mats are shipped rolled around a 1 inch pvc tube packed into a 50 inch long box. I like the packing as it’s very stable and the mats don’t have any creases in them from folding. The enclosed instructions do point out that the mats should be stored via rolling them up, with the flocking facing inward.

The mat’s are made of a canvas material covered with flocking. The glue holding the flocking seems very strong and I didn’t experience any of the material rubbing off (the wasn’t any inside the shipping box either). The green is a darker shade which gives me an impression of Northern Europe. I may purchase or make another mat with a lighter, more tropical shade of green for a change of pace.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product and would recommend that you take a look at Allen’s products if you’re in the market for something new.

While the table looks a little sparse, it does look a whole lot better than bare plywood. Now I need to go about making some more terrain! I would post some more pictures but it seems that my son has taken the family camera on a boy scout trip. Perhaps not such a great loss due to the rather poor quality of my photographic skills.

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