Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ships for Trafalgar

I finally got around to starting to build some ships for the Trafalgar ruleset. Being an indecisive gamer, I purchased ship models in both 1/2400 and 1/1200 scale. Both models in the picture are a British 74 gun ships of the line. The one on the left is from Figurehead (1/2400 scale) and the one on the right is from Langton (1/1200 scale). Not shown in any of the Langton pictures is the thread for rigging the masts. In addition to more detail / build complexity in the larger scale there is a significant cost difference, with the 1/2400 ships running at $3-$4.00 per ship and the Langton’s running at $10 - $15 per model. I’m going to build both ships and then decide which scale to get into in a big way.

I’ve included some other pictures of the part detail for each model. My estimate is that the build time for the 1/2400 ships will be roughly 1-2 hours each and the 1/1200 5 - 10 hours. We’ll see how I do with the rigging exercise. If you do decide to get some Langton ships (which are fantastic models) you should get the build guide he offers - it’s a great help.

Despite the significant build complexity and higher cost, I’m leaning toward the Langton’s and 1/1200 scale - they just look that good when completed.

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