Sunday, September 13, 2009

Perry vs Victrix, an evolving opinion

I have been busy working on my 28mm French Napoleonics. As you know my infantry consists of plastic Perry and Victrix miniatures. I've completed 84 Perry's (2 36man battalions plus 12 other figs) and have been working on my third battalion of 36 Victrix figures. I must say, I'm finding the Victrix a lot harder to paint than the Perry's. I thought, at first, it was just the change from painting so many Perry's in a row. After working through my first 18 Victrix, I'm very disappointed with the results, so much so I think the odds are better than even that the manufacturer might be tempted to buy my figures back just to protect their brand image!

The Victrix figures are of high quality but the details are very fine, the figures are "thinner" and the details less raised than on the Perry's. They look great unpainted but I'm having trouble getting the detail painting to look "clean". In fact, the results look like I was painting these guys while riding a roller coaster. My comments are not meant to slam Victrix products, they are good looking figures and fun to build. It's just that the level of painting skills needed to make them look decent are a bit beyond what I can muster. I think I'll put aside the Victix's for awhile and come back to them in a few month. I would not recommend Victrix for 28mm beginners.

Since 3 of my planned 6 infantry battalions were going to be Victrix, I'll need to find some replacements. I polled some of my gaming friends and received a very vocal endorsement for metal Perry or Foundry figures. I've come to understand that both the Perry and Foundry figures are really the same thing since they're both sculpted by the Perry twins - very talented fellows. I think I'll give Foundry a try as they have an extensive range so I can augment my little army with some elite Guard units! They are a bit pricey but what the heck.

I did paint my first horse figures this weekend (2 mounted officers for a command stand) and found that painting horses wasn't as difficult as I thought. In fact it was fun. These figures are the first horses I've painted in detail - I don't count 6mm cavalry figures as there is not a lot there. I've got 21 light calvary figures (Perry metals) to paint so may start them next weekend. I am looking forward to getting a few boxes of the new Perry plastic French Heavy Cavalry when it's available.


JAM said...

You have a great blog, Miles, I enjoy reading it. I am also having some difficulties with the Victrix. I should have a post up soon about it.


jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comment. I've enjoyed creating the blog and use it as a motivator to keep moving forward on my various gaming projects. As for the Victrix, I shall be sticking with the Perry products until my painting skills improve. I'm about to place an order for some Foundry frenchies but will check to Ebay listings before doing so.


Secundus said...

I find this information very useful and will put it to good use. Thanks again.

legatus hedlius said...

Very interesting comments. I have started on a few Perrys but not built any of my Victrix fifures yet. I do find the Perry plastics easier to paint than their metal figures too...

Docsmith said...

Miles - couldn't agree more about the Victrix - incredibly fiddly and time-consuming to build. Being a bit heavy-handed and wielding an ever-blunder blade there were plenty of breakages of the more slender bits too! I'm just about to embark on painting after seeing some done up as Italians on the Garage-gamer blog. I too prefer Perrys but we'll have to see how we go with the Victrix monsters!