Friday, September 18, 2009

Unpainted Reinforcements

I took the plunge the other day and purchased some more 28mm French Nappies. My first order was for yet one more box of Perry plastic infantry (bringing me to 4) and a pre-order of 2 boxes of the new Perry French Heavy Cavalry - I really like the preview pictures of those models. I then wandered over to the Foundry website and decided to buy 2 french infantry units (one light infantry, one guard) and a guard artillery unit (four guns & crews). I think that will be enough of the Nappy's for awhile - HEY! I hear all of you sniggering right now.

When complete my little force will have:

4 battalions of infantry (36 figs each) (Perry Plastic) - I'm excluding the 3 battalions worth of Victrix that I just can't paint well

1 Battalion of light infantry (Foundry)

1 Guard Battalion (Foundry)

1 Light Cav Unit (Perry)

1 Heavy Cav Unit (Perry)

5 Guns (Foundry / Perry)

1 Command

I'd like to hear any suggestions for additions or changes to the force

I should have a playable force completed in the next month or so.

As for gaming - not much on the historical side and only one 40k game with my son. Now that Sean's back in school his gaming time is a bit curtailed - this homework "thing" is very inconvenient for gaming.


JAM said...

Nice little force. Might I suggest that you flag them as an actual historical division.

Always useful later when you want to paint that second division!!


jmilesr said...

That's a good idea - I can also use it as an excuse with my wife when she questions the wisdom of buying additional reference books and figures (can one really have too many of either?).

Of course, if this line of reasoning fails and she begins to reach for one of her scalpels, I may have to resort to pointing out that one of her fellow physicians made the "consult" and with me being a just a math-geek, I had no choice but follow the medically prescribed course of action.

Off to the Osprey site!


Donogh said...

Seems about right to me (though I'm no expert)
Though maybe a third type of cavalry wouldn't go astray?
Some kind of supply wagon/train would be useful for scenarios too.