Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Change of Pace

This weekend I decided to give the Nappy's a bit of a break and paint up some WWII items.  First on the list were some 28mm US Paratroopers from Warlord Games.  I picked up a starter force on a bit of a lark.  Overall, I was very impressed with the figures and found painting them to be a lot easier than those fussy frenchman.  I've completed 12 out of the 32 or so I have in the force.  These figures were a lot of fun to paint and there is a good deal of free info on the web for uniform guides and corresponding Vallejo paint colors.  I also found the manufacturer, Warlord Games, a pleasure to deal with and I recommend them highly.  While wandering through their site, I did see the new "Black Powder" rules which I've placed on pre-order.  Now all I need is a set of 28mm WWII rules to use with these guys - any suggestions?

I need to decide on how to base these guys.  I'll likely go with the 25mm round GW bases for individual figures and 40mm for crew served weapons (the 30 cal machine gun).

My second project of the weekend was a 15mm terrain piece.  I picked up a resin model of a fortified casino (as in D-Day) which I'm planning to use as an objective for a "Kelly's Hero's" scenario I'm planning using Flames of War.  I'm going to play test the game a few time with my son before inflciting it upon my local gamers.  The picture's not that great - I didn't realize the background wall was almost the same color as the model!  The floors are removable, which allows for a bit a room-to-room fighting in the scenario.

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