Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grenadiers Completed!

I finally finished off my battalion of Grenadiers, with the exception of a few mustaches I need to go back and finish.  As a relative newcomer to 28mm Napoleonics, this was my first "all-metal" unit.  At the risk of sounding heretical, I think I like painting plastic figures over the metal ones.  I find I can see the details better in the plastics than I can the metal and the overall painting experience is more enjoyable.  I do like the "weight" of the metal figs when pushing them about the battlefield but I', happy to give that up for the better painting experience.  I'm sure my past experiences with the GW 28mm 40K fig's has influenced my opinion.  Next up on the painting list is finishing 2 more battalions of Perry plastics (you can see one of them behind the Grenadiers above) and then (hopefully) I'll have received the 2 boxes of Cuirassiers (the new plastic ones from Perry).

There was yet another mis-step on the Nappy front.  I had ordered some Old Glory limbers in an effort to save a few bucks, but like their artillery figures, the scale is a bit small and the quality really poor (look at me becoming a miniatures snob!).  The limber models were really not usable so yet another effort to save money via lower quality ends up a failure.

As for other modeling, I completed 2 basic starter fleets for "Uncharted Seas"- Dwarf and Orc.  I found the models a lot of fun to paint.  I tried to do some free-hand skulls for the Orc sails but was disappointed with the results so I'm looking to find some details.  The game is a simplistic naval game and it's both quick and fun.

Lastly, I have a confession to make.  As I've reflected on my glacial painting pace with 28mm Nappy's (3 units in roughly 3 months) I've realized that it will take close to a year to get a nice sized force in place.  Being somewhat impatient, I've decided to hire a painter in the UK who was brought to my attention by some acquaintances over there who are in the war game industry.  My initial commission is for 2 infantry battalions.  His quality is outstanding (you'll definitely notice the difference from my efforts).  It's a bit pricey, but as I've learned one usually gets what one pays for (see the Old Glory reference above).  If the quality is a good as I've seen, I'll recommend the painter in a future post.


john de terre neuve said...

Hi Miles,

I am not sure how I missed your post, been working a lot recently. The battalion has come out nicely. I look forward seeing your new "store bought" figures.

I am curious about the old glory limbers, what was wrong, can you post some photos.

I have about 12 artillery pieces painted and am looking for some generic limbers.


jmilesr said...

The Nappy stuff is at our house in St Michaels - when I'm there next weekend I'll take some pictures of the old glory stuff and post them.

These are my views on Old Glory
(1) The scale is closer to 25mm so the figures look smallish next to Perry / Foundry / Victrix. It really shows up with the horses.

(2) The casting of the horses is very simple - there are a lot a very flat spaces along the flanks and necks of the horse figures - it doesn't look "animated" and reminds me of a robot. I think a very skilled painter could blend in some colors to create the image of muscle definition but that's not me

(3) The limbers are relatively inexpensive and give you 2 per package. From what I can see you need to scratch build some additional leads to tie in the horses to the limber itself.

While they are horribly expensive, the miniature snob in me may force a move to the foundry limbers.

If only the Perry's would come out with a plastic limber box!

By the way, I did just receive 2 boxes of the new Perry French Cuirassiers - fantastic models


john de terre neuve said...

Thanks Miles, I actually got a good look at the OG limbers on their site, so I can see the problems. I notice that they are pretty well the same price as Front Rank, which would of course be my preference.

I am looking forward to the plastic hussars and dragoons that I have more need of. I am curious are the Perry horses more the size of Foundry or Front Rank. I do not notice much difference between the 2 when they are in infantry units, but cavalry units are hard to mix even in the same division. I have a mixture in a guard cavalry brigade and the the Foundrys are noticeably smaller.


jmilesr said...

I'll check the size of the horses with a freind's foundry cavalry - I don't have any