Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rough Riders almost ready

Teddy and a band of Rough Riders are just about done.  I've finished the block painting and will be moving on to shading via "Army Painter" dip.  I will try to paint the dip on this time to better control the flow.

I probably should call these guys "Rough Walkers" because I don't have any mounted versions.

Gotta love the gatling gun.

Earlier today, I was walking around our place in St Michaels and noticed the first confirmed sight of Spring - flowers!  I am so ready for warm weather.


jmezz382 said...

Looking good ! Can't wait to see the after dip

DeanM said...

Cool! Thanks to your earlier post, I watched the "The Wind & The Lion" DVD today. Listening to the commentary by John Milius was very interesting - hadn't listened to it before. But he said wanted to do one more movie about T.R. - about his younger days - and with TW&TL & Rough Riders would be a trilogy of sorts. Dean

JAM said...

Cowboy and Indians, well that brings me back.


Green stuff said...

So these gonna make it to the table Saturday?
Hint Hint

jmilesr said...

As of 5:27am, EST the figures have been dipped and only 6 need some minor touch up painting. After that, all that's left is to scenic the bases (which are pennies) so they'll be ready by Saturday.

Docsmith said...

One word to describe your RRiders Miles - "Bully!" Looks like they'll be jogging up San Juan hill!

Like to see what they look like finished. Doing any Spanish? What make are they?

Great to have a little variety (I thank the recent discovery of Black Powder rules) - we're planning an Indian Mutiny game in a few weeks and some fellow gamers up in Sydney are doing the Sudan (

Gotta love this hobby!


jmilesr said...

The Rough Riders will see their first table top action this weekend, but they will be featured in a Morrocan scenario along the lines of "The Wind and the Lion".

I have also become very fond of the Black Powder rules - it's a very nice balance of playability and some historical feel. I'm in the process of planning out an American Civil War campaign that will use Black Powder for the land phase and a yet another ruleset for ironclads.

I look forward to seeing your report on the Indian Mutiny Game