Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rough Riders on the Table

I finished my little band of Rough Riders to take part in last Saturday's gaming session.  You can see the little band to the left.  The game's theme was a combination of a French Foreign Legion game on one 5' x 12' tabletop and then a very second 5' x 12' Jungle themed encounter.  The best way to describe the game was a combination of the movies "The Wind and the Lion" and the second mummy movie with Brendan Fraser et al.  As usual our host, Ernie, put on a great show and it was a grand and silly evening.

I'm pretty happy with the Rough Riders but made a big mistake basing these guys on penny's.  Penny's are not very stable bases for "large" 28mm figures and they don't hold pva glue very well.  I'll be rebasing these guys over the next few days.

Here are some random shots of the game.  The first game featured fierce fighting between the FFL and Arabs.  I was able to stay out of it by bribing my way through using a stash of monopoly money.  The second game was essentially a trek by the American column through the jungle being whittled down by various traps and surprises which included fire, the assorted dinosaur and lots of angry natives.  Lets just say that I learned that Triceratops really do not like trucks.  The US objective was to free a certain professor but we didn't know he had gone to the dark side and awakened a giant stone golem at the end of the table.  The climatic battle featured the stone golem vs the survivors of the Jungle trek and it was a very near run of things but the US prevailed.

While pulp gaming is a lot of fun I think our club will be returning to more historical fare for our next gaming sessions.  Hopefully that will mean either Flames of War or Napoleonics.

As for my current project, I've returned to the ACW in 6mm as I'm trying to write up a set of campaign rules that combine land and naval aspects of the war.  I'll be using Black Powder to fight the land battles and I'm still looking for a civil war naval ruleset.


littlejohn said...

cool looking game, esp. the vehicles!

DeanM said...

Nice work on the Rough Riders; and those vehicles look great too. The terrain is something else - those large trees are just fantastic looking. Very realistic. Dean

jmilesr said...

I'm only responsible for the rough riders - all the other vehicles and scenery are Ernie's. The Jungle scenery is pretty amazing. The Large trees that line the side of the jungle terrain are sectionals that have removable canopies that allow access to move figures about. It also makes it hard to spot villains hiding n the bush which adds to the gaming experience.

Galpy said...

That game looks like a lot of fun and those rough rides look real nice.

paulalba said...

Very nice looking action!