Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black Powder 6mm ACW Test Game

I've made a good bit of progress on my 6mm ACW armies.  The Union force of seven infantry brigades (each with four regiments), two calvary brigades and a bunch of artillery are mostly completed - I just need to attach some flags.  The Confederate force is still being painted and is about 2/3's complete.

I decided to set up what I had painted to do a few run through with the black powder rule set.  I apologize that the terrain is so sparse, I need to add a lot of woods sections, but it's good enough for a trial game.  The road sections also need to be dressed up a bit.

Here's a close-up of two of the union brigades.  While I'll always prefer 28mm, there is something to the mass-effect one gets with large 6mm armies. I don't really paint a lot of detail on the figures, but it seems to work.

The last photo is of two Confederate brigades defending a hill, with 3 artillery batteries in support.  I have some limbers built and awaiting painting which will be completed in the next week or so.  The Confederate bases need to be sceniced also, but that's a pretty quick project.  I should have all the mini's completed in the next two weeks.

Any suggestions for acceptable (and cheap) 1/300 or 6mm scale trees to make forrest scetions out of would be greatly appreciated.


Green stuff and Alioop said...

I want to be invited-and I'll bring forests.

jmilesr said...

You in!

JAM said...

nice stuff Miles, I am not sure if I could be convinced to look at another scale but they do have a nice mass effect.


DeanM said...

Oooh, now that looks like a battlefield. I've yet to try 6mm - but it appears they look well-detailed - enough to tell units apart. Well done. Dean

Monty said...

Very impressive Miles - I love 6mm myself and am (slowly) painting up a Warmaster Ancients Roman army between everything else!

Best wishes,


jmilesr said...

I find 6mm to be a nice diversion from 28mm and it's relatively easy and inexpensive to build a very large force

I'm hoping it will play well with black powder but we'll see

Thanks for the nice compliments