Sunday, January 29, 2012

War of 1812: US Militia, Artillery and Command Units Started

 After a couple week break due to robotics, I was able to get back to the work bench and have started a few new units for my US War of 1812 army.  The first group is a set of three command stands ( 1 Army command - 2 figures and 2 Brigade commanders (1 figure each).  All of the figures are 28mm Knuckleduster.  It took some work to get the figures to sit properly on their horsed, but after some heavy filing that task was accomplished.

The next photo shows the 36 man US militia unit in "frontier" garb and then to the right with blue coats are 2, 4 figure US artillery crews.  Despite being in the analogue hobbies painting challenge, my painting production will likely be very slow over the next month or so due to commitments to coaching robotics - I'll get back to the table soon enough!


DeanM said...


Good to see you working on getting more "Good Guys" painted :)! BTW, I might've missed it earlier, but what rules will you be using for this?

Best, Dean

jmilesr said...

I'll be using both Black Powder and Ernie's home set of rules called "Gentlemen of Rank". Ernie's rules features figure removal for casualties which is why the units are based with magnetized individual bases.

After the militia unit that is currently "underway" I have one other primed US infantry battalion waiting to be painted and then it's back Knuckleduster for more infantry and either the Foundry or Knuckleduster for some US cavalry.

I've also have a new arrived 12 horse unit of British light dragoons (Perry figures_ that have been assembled and are awaiting priming. Living a few miles form the Architects of War "World" headquarters is very dangerous from a lead acquisition perspective.


Monty said...

Good work, Miles!