Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dacian Missile Troop Reinforcements

 Some reinforcements for the Dacian/Sarmatian army have just made it to the workbench.  First up is a 12 figure unit of Sarmatian Horse Archers.  These are metal figures from Warlord and are pretty good.  Some of the hands were overly large (maybe one needs super strong "Hulk" sized hands to be a good horse archer?)  I was tempted to leave them unchanged and paint them green but didn't think many people would get the joke.  Any way after of bit of filing and replacing with some plastic hands they're good to go.  One does have to appreciate those plastic sprues and all the extra parts!

I may end up fielding this group as 2 small units of Horse Archers rather than as one big unit.  Let's see how the play testing goes.

In addition to the horse archers, there is a 16 figure archer unit as well as a Dacian scorpion (all from Warlord).  Technically, the archer models are Celts but they'll do.  I think Foundry makes specific 28mm Dacian archers but I didn't want to wait or pay the high costs that foundry charges and Ernie had these in-stock.

The scorpion is Dacian specific and will be the first of several artillery units I hope to complete before Historicon.  I should have these chaps finished in a week or two and then it's onto to scenery for the big game.

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Ray Rousell said...

Keep up the great work!!!