Sunday, June 3, 2012

28mm Fort Part 1

 I need a fort for my upcoming game at Historicon and couldn't find any ready made forts that I liked or wanted to pay the asking prices, so I've elected to try and build one myself.  The first picture shows three fort sections as they stand at the end of today.  While there's a lot of detail work to do, not a bad start for a few hours work.  I'm planning to make up to 6 feet of fort sections and hopefully will get this done in the next few weeks.  Sorry for all the ships in the back ground - I've been too lazy to pick up last thursday's Trafalgar game.

 The fort construction is pretty simple, first the wooden walls are made out of thin stir sticks that are 1/4 inch wide.  The long lengths are 3 inches and the shorter ones 2.75 inches.  Each wall section is 11.25 inches long.  I actually started building these was section first without even having a plan for the fort.  Plans?  Who needs plans?

 Since these pieces will be traveling, they needs to be very sturdy and the under structure of the fort is made from 1x3 and 1x2 pine stock affixed with wood glue in an "L" shape.  The base for each wall section is some marine grade plywood I had left over from a boat project which was already cut to 7 inches wide.

 The wood planking for the sides and fighting platform where then glued to the pine stock under structures.  I'll fill in the gap on the inside of the fort with pink stuff and then add flocking to represent turf.

 Here's a shot with one section of the fort and the gate "populated" by 28mm figures - in this case some recently completed Dacians.  I haven't decided if the lower front of the fort (below the planking) will be stone work or turf.  Turf seems to be easier to do and may lend the fort to more uses than just ancients.  I think it would make a fun objective for a game of Saga.

The last shot is from the rear of the fort.  As you can see, there is a good bit of work do adding earthen ramps and such.  This has been a very fun project so far and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.  I haven't figured out how to make the gate as I want it to be able to open and shut.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


DeanM said...

Very nice construction! Best, Dean

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very cool, and wonderfully sturdy too. Coincidentally, I am just embarking on a similar project myself :-)

John said...

Looking good! I think you're well on your way, but if you have a copy of Wargames Illustrated 262 laying around they printed an article on building something similar.

Hope to see it in the flesh!

jmezz382 said...

Excellent work. Simple design and will be excellent on the gaming table. I plan on being at Historicon and look forward to seeing it up close !

Ray Rousell said...

Looking very nice and very interesting too!

AHunt said...

For the gate glue some hollow rod on the gate structure, two on each side. Build U shapes on the gates, a paperclip can be cut for this. The paperclip drops into the rod, instant hinges.

Nice looking fort. I've been collecting bits for one of my own. you are farther along than I am.

Phyllion said...

You could make 3 sets of replaceable gates which fit snugly in the frame. One closed, one open, one smashed!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

It looks really nice! It looks like it should stand up to the rigours of travel and the event.


jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments.

I think I'll go with a simple swinging gate per Mr Hunt's suggestions and make the doors removable for when they get bashed in.

I have noticed that the left side of the gate tower (when looking from the front of the fort) isn't square with the wall. I think I rushed the construction and the tower twisted a bit while the glue was drying. Oh well, that should be a simple fix.

I am planning one "destroyed" section to go along with the others. I need to get some coffee stirrers!


Green stuff and Alioop said...

Looking great Miles!

Curt said...

Very nice work, Miles! The main gate looks spectacular. It looks very sturdy and with marine-grade plywood I don't expect you'll have any issues with warping.

For what its worth I'd go with turf as it would seem more generic and in wider use.