Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Uninvited Guest & Antique Boats

 In between various hobby projects, I got to meet one of my "neighbors" this weekend and go to an Antique Boat Show at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.  Actually, my lovely wife got to meet our little friend first and was then most insistent that I come out and great him (or her - not really sure on that) properly.  Our visitor was a very big water snake for maryland - at roughly five feet in length, he commanded some level of respect.

The snake also proved to be a very good climber - you can see him coming back down after climbing up the outside of my BBQ.  After watching him for a bit, I picked him up and moved him to the adjacent woods.  A snake that size has a good appetite for mice so we need to encourage him to stick around.
 Later during that Saturday, I wandered over to the Antique Boat Show.  Other than the few posted here, I didn't take many pictures (perhaps my wife's admonitions indicating that even the thought of a new boat would be dangerous to my health impacted my desire for photographic evidence.

All of these boats where built in the 20's and have been superbly restored - the bright work on the wood is simple amazing.
 Here's my favorite of the show

Sadly, these boats rarely see the water except for shows like this.  They spend most of their time out of the water in dingy workshops as their owners obsess over every detail - you know just like table top armies!



DeanM said...

Wow - your wife sounds brave and stoic. That's a pretty big snake to stumble upon - on your home turf no less. Nice looking boat too. Reminds me of the one the Corleones had. Best, Dean

Dave said...

Fit for a Bond..... James Bond

Lovely boat and a fun day what with wildlife management etc.

Docsmith said...

Your wife sounds a good deal less hysterical than mine would be in such circumstances - and calling you into action too - well done!

'I picked him up and moved him to the adjacent woods' - very commendable and ecologically responsible of you. I gather the fine fellow was harmless as where I come from black snakes of that size are definitely not of the pick-up-able variety!

The motor boats are beautiful too - wouldn't you love just to motor around the Chesapeake in one for a bit?

All that and the wildlife (literally at times) on your doorstep - you live in a wonderful part of the world Miles.

Doc (enjoying a southern winter - not!)

jmilesr said...

Water snakes do bite but they are not dangerous like everything seems to be "down-under"!

The Chesapeake Bay is a real treasure and we're very fortunate to live on it - by the way it's been a fabulous year for crabs.

My wife isn't a big fan of the snakes but she doesn't panic (that much)

Tony said...

Wow, some snake. Not sure I'd be wanting him to stick around!

The Classic boats look good too. Tony