Sunday, January 27, 2013

Perry Plastic Confederate Infantry: A Review

 I've embarked on yet another new wargaming project - the American Civil War (ACW) in 28mm.  What spurred this madness into being?  It was those crafty Perry Brothers and the release of their 28mm Plastic Confederate Infantry set.  Each box contains 44 figures - 40 Infantry figures on 8, 5 figure sprues and 4 Command figures on 2, 2 figure sprues.

I've managed to complete 3, 24 figure infantry regiments and you can see the pictures to the left of this post.  Overall, I would rate this set as superb and highly recommend them to anyone interested in 28mm ACW.  Two big thumbs up.

Each infantry sprue has arms so you can model a figure as advancing or with their rifle/musket shouldered and the arms mix and match with each figure.  In addition there are ten hats types per sprue which allows you to mix the headgear.  That's a big plus for trying to simulate the mix of equipment that was common in the confederate army.

The bayonets are a bit more to scale with these figures than the Perry Plastic Napoleonics (i.e. they are thinner) that's a big plus for looks but they can break (I broke one during the building process).  Being plastic such issues are easily fixed.

The sculpting is very clean and these guys are a breeze to paint.  Assembly was very quick and simple.

The command sprue has an officer figure who is holding a pistol and a sword in its scabbard along with a drummer.  The is also a set of arms holding a flag pole.  One note - the drummer figure has the sash for holding the drum molded on and isn't a good choice to hold the flag - use one of the infantry figures.  I figured that out after my third flag holder - Dohhhhh!

Opportunities for Improvement:
I only have two suggestions for improvement and they are both very minor.  (1) I tend to replace plastic flag poles with brass rod as they don't hold up all that well to table top wear and tear.  Having the flag pole and bearers arms molded as one piece makes that a bit harder to do - it would be a lot easier if the flag pole was a separate piece.  (2) (and this one is just a nit) The flags on the painting guide are very bright in their printing and don't look all the nice on the models.

Overall, I highly recommend this set of figures.  I've purchased 5 boxes and plan to get another 5 as I flesh out my ACW force.

I would rate these a 10 out of 10, but then again I've been accused of being a Perry fan boy in the past.  Guilty as charged!


Jason Meyers said...

Thanks for the write up.

Although I'm a big fan of the Perry boys myself, probably one of their few (if only) offerings that I didn't like was the original box of plastic ACW infantry despite liking the metal ACW range and their other plastic sets.

I don't know what it is about them, but I'd rather collect their old Foundry sculpts (still great IMO) than those. This new infantry set however seems to have restored order in the universe, because they look great!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'm with Jason - I thought in the original box they all looked like they had haemorrhoids.. :o)

These however, are an entirely different kettle of fish - lovely!

What rules will you be using Miles?

DeanM said...

Impressive painting and production as always, Miles. Hmmm, I've managed to stay out of ACW and AWI - which BTW the Perrys are enticing with plastics too now! Warm Regards, Dean

Anne said...

Great detailed review. You just about can't go wrong with their sculpts. I also am a fan of their work with Foundry. One of my favorite lines of all times.

Monty said...

Great review Miles, I have to admit Perry plastics are a favourite of mine and the way forward, I think ;)

jmezz382 said...

Great stuff friend !

Martin said...

Thank you for these review of sorts, it is always nice to see the perry minis taken into the working table. I am currently looking into using the perry's ACW range to fill in for the troops in the Paraguayan War and I think they are very close to what I need. Superb jod here.

Docsmith said...

Thanks for the useful review Miles and the tip about the drummer/flag bearer. So did you end up dispensing with the drummer for this lot? I agree with the comments that the original ACW set was one of the poorest quality-wise (although the bar is still a very high one) and the double arms and plastic pole for the bearer is just too awkward. I have replaced most of the poles with cut down copper spears - much more resilient (and sharp too - watch out you can easily get stabbed!) Unfortunately they went like hotcakes at our recent 'Con otherwise I would have grabbed a box or two but definitely worth getting as they appear to be a huge improvement.

Cheers from fellow Perrys fan-boy,

Vol Williams said...

Great review and impressive work as always Miles.