Monday, January 21, 2013

Robotics, robotics, robotics....

 Not a lot of painting is going on right now over here in the Lair.  It's all robotics with my son being on two different teams and me being a coach.  It's rather hectic and will be until April.

Pictured is Sean's FTC team (3113) which is made up of scots from his Boy Scout troop.

 This years competition involves playing a form of tick-tack-toe.  The robot needs to take the rings from the dispenser (on the right) and place them on the scoring rack (on the left).  The higher the level, the higher the points and there are bonuses for getting three in a row.  There are extra points for raising your alliance partner robot off the mat - we use a scissor bridge concept.

Oh yeah, this is all done while an opponents robot is ramming you while playing defense - it's great fun.

The team is fund raising right now and have set up an Indie Go-Go site.  Take a look if your interested:

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John Foster said...

Good luck. My daughter's team just finished Maryland State FLL championship and netted a 1st place trophy in Robot Programming Design to go with their Core Values trophy they got the week before at the qualifier.

But the best part of the championship was the MD School of the Blind participating. Without any special consideration, except for a few extra helpers to escort them to the different presentations and out on the floor for the robot tests, they did very well and received a 1st place trophy as well (can't remember exactly what, maybe teamwork or team spirit).