Sunday, February 24, 2013

Robotics Team Invited to Compete in the World Championship

Saturday was the Maryland State Championship and my son's team (3113) earned a berth to compete in the World Championship next April in St. Louis - it's a pretty big deal in the robotic's world and very exciting for my son and his team (as well as the coach - me!).  This will be our second trip there and we're very much looking forward to the event.

My middle school team also competed in the Championship and did very well, placing 7th out of 32 teams.  They were the youngest team in terms of age and competed against all High School age competitors so not a bad showing at all.

With two teams competing, I didn't get a chance to take any pictures so I'll add some later once i get some copies.

The only bad news is there will be limited time for modeling between now and Worlds, so my standings in the Analog Hobbies painting challenge will continue to decline.  I did mange to finish another confederate infantry regiment this morning.


Anne said...

I'm aware of how big a deal this is. So congratulations are in order. You must be so very proud. Take pics of the World Competition please!

Francis Lee said...

Congratulations to you and boy, that's quite a big deal!