Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Confederate Ironclad Crewman & Marines

One of the features of the upcoming games at Historicon will be a full model of an Confederate ironclad in 28mm - which means there need to be some crew figures.  Redoubt makes a pack of ACW ironclad crew which will fit the need.  I will say the guys at Redoubt need to work on there website as I found these under "other" and not within the ACW category.  These are 28mm metals and the pack comes with 12 crewman/gunners, 12 marines and 6 officers / attendants.  I've managed to paint up 6 crewman, 6 marines and one officer so far.

 The paint jobs need a little bit more work.  The figures are so-so - thy had a lot of flash and had some pits in them that needed a little bit of greenstuff.  On the positive side all the heads are cast separately and have a cast on pin which all fit without any real bother.

The marines came three poses, 4 standing firing, 4 kneeling firing and 4 in various stages of reloading.  I kinda made up the uniform colors, but I'm sure at some point during the ACW some confederate wore colors just like these if you squinted when looking at him.

I've got another 6 crewman and marines and probably 1 or 2 command figures to finish up.

Sorry for the picture quality

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice work. I've also thought about picking up some of them.