Friday, June 21, 2013

Great Service from Battlefront / Wargames Illustrated

Like a lot of you, I look forward to getting my monthly "fix" of gaming magazines and really enjoy the reading time in the, ummm, "Library".  I sensed there was a problem with my most current issue of Wargames Illustrated (309) when it arrived in one of those special bags the US postal service uses for damaged items.

It seems the magazine got burnt as if was covered in soot and the last 20 os so pages where missing an inch or so from the sides.  But this isn't a post to whine about a faulty product.  I sent Battlefront a short email about the issue on Sunday, got a response on Monday indicating a new magazine was on the way and, surprisingly, received the magazine on Wednesday!  Now that's excellent customer service.

I guess I shouldn't use the term "surprisingly" because the few times I've needed customer service from Battlefront it's been lighting fast.


Steven Uy said...

They have top notch customer service, Battlefront was always willing to correct any issues I had. I only took them up on two problems I had with miniatures and they quickly sent me replacements.

I never did take them up on the replacement books issues they were having with binding.

zsavk said...

Yep best CS Ive dealt with. I bet that Magazine drifted ashore after the U-Boat incident :p