Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Next Project: British Force for Bolt Action

As I come down off my post-Historicon high it will soon be time to return to the painting workbench.  Right now the workbench is covered with ACW "stuff" but I think a change of pace is in order.  While at Historicon, I picked up a bunch of the new Blitzkreig 28mm scale tanks from the Architects of War booth.  Wow - I have never seen better casted 28mm vehicles.  A few months ago I picked up one of the new Desert Rat plastic box sets so it's time to get cracking on a British force.

The forces theme will be early to mid war and I'll use them in both Western Desert and Pacific scenarios.  I did go a little overboard with the Blitzkrieg models so my Brits will have a lot of armor choices - Crusaders, Grants, Honey's and even up to three Bren Carriers.  I'm building the force with Bolt Action in mind as a ruleset but I think they'll do for any 28mm WW2 skirmish rules

As you might suspect from reading this blog, I'm a bit of a Perry snob (OK, drop the "bit of a" from the previous phrase).  That said, both the tanks and the figures are really superb and I hope my painting skills are up to the task.

This project is set for August and then it will be back to either more ACW or War of 1812 in prep for a game at Fall-In.  Mike's Confederate ironclad was so popular at Historicon that I think a Union monitor might be in order!


styx said...

My buddy expanded his British to the 8th and bought the Perry figs...he liked them better than the Warlord plastics.

James Brewerton said...

will be looking forward to seeing some paint thrown at these tanks.
Peace James

Sean said...

The brits and tanks look nice. +1 for a monitor.

peter said...

Looking forward to see these painted!


Monty said...

Can't wait to see this force completed - nice one!