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US 3rd Armor vs 6th FJ Regiment, Periers France June 1944

The third game that my son and I played in the WWPD Overlord campaign pitted the US 3rd Armored division against the German 6th FJ Regiment.  Alas my I-phone was zero battery so there are no pictures.  The mission was Hasty Attack with the US attacking.  Each force was complied on "Easy Army" and set to 1,750 pits +/-.  The orders of battle where:

US 3rd Armored (Confident / Trained)
1 HQ (2 M4 Shermans)
1 Platoon of 4 76mm Shermans
2 Platoons of 4 M4 Shermans each
1 Light Tank Platoon (5 Stuarts)
1 Full Armored Rifle Platoon
1 Platon of 3 Priests

6th FJ Regiment (Fearless / Veteran)
1 HQ with Panzersheck)
2 Platoon of Para's (9 squads each)
1 HMG platoon (2 sections)
1 FJ light gun platoon
1 SS Tank Hunter Platoon 3 Stugs (since I don't have any Jagdpanzer IV models painted)
1 Gepanzerte Platoon (3 Squads) (Confident / Vet)
1 Artillery Platoon (4 10.5cm guns)
1 Pak platoon (3 75mm anti-tank guns)

The Germans deployed their para's, HMGS, lights guns on the board and had the 75mm anti tank guns in ambush.  The US deployed all 3 Sherman platoons plus the light tanks

Turn 1 "Movement to Contact"
US rolls and get serves and brings on the priests.  The US plan is to attack along both flanks with the 76mm Shermans and Stuarts on the right and the other 2 Sherman platoons on their left.  The left flank has to cross some bocage and does so succesfully.

The germans (me) don't get reserves and we hold pat - let the yankees come to us.

Turn 2 Contact!
The US gets no reserves and continues it advance.  I spring my PAK's in ambush on the 76mm Shermans and with glee roll my six shot die 2,1,3,1,5,5 - only two hits that result in bailing 1 of the tanks.  My guns feel very exposed right now.  The stuarts respond by rolling up to the guns and machine gunning them - one gun destroyed and the rest pinned.  The other 2 Sherman platoons on the US right flank roll up to more bocage now have one of the FJ platoon in range

The German get reserves and I elect to bring on the stugs since my anti-tank assets are dwindling.  I advance them toward the 2 M4 Sherman platoons but don't have them in range.  There'a a bit of shooting but no results

Turns 3 First Blood
The US gets gets reserves and brings on the AOP (I learned to hate that plane).
The bailed 76 remounts and the platoons hoses down the remaining PAK repining them.  The stuarts assault the lone gun and knock it out - that's one german platoon.  The Shermans on the right flank stand pat and shoot the FJ in front of them (behind yet more bocage to no effect).  The Priests open up and end up pinning the FJ on the US left flank

Germans: I get reserves and bring Gepanzerte Grenadiers - I'm thinking I need to launch a counterattack quickly to change momentum.  The Gep's follow the stugs and continue to advance toward the US right flank.  The Stugs pull up to the bocage and take some shots at a Sherman platoon and destroy 1 tank.

Turns 4 & 5 Back and forth
The next two turns see both sides shoot back and forth t one another and losses begin to mount.  The  FJ platoon on the US left flank looses 3 squads and the stuarts have maneuvered to get behind them.  The US have also brought on the Armored rifles which are held in the center of the board to act as a mobile reserve

The Germans try to hold on the left but launch their attack on the US right flank  The US loose one Sherman platoon for the cost of the stugs.  The germans also bring on their artillery and move the light guns to support the US left flank attack.  The short range of the light guns makes them of limited use.

Turn 6 Both Flanks Collapse
The flanks are mirror images of themselves the Germans on the left flank collapse as does the US on the right - it's a race to the objectives.  The Priests blast the FJ's on the US left flank and continue to grind them down.  Since I have no AA assets all I can do to the AOP is signal it via sign language.  I have a sign language vocabulary of only one word.

Turn 7 Priests are tanks too.
Those damn Priests remember they're tanks and break the gepanzerte platoon with direct fire.  The FJ on the US left flank also breaks (it was down to 3 squads).  The Germans pass a company morale test but things look grim

Turn 8 The End
The remaining german FJ platoon attempts to assault the armored rifles in a last ditch attempt to achieve a draw but are pinned from a hail of machine fire.  The german light guns manage to take out the US company commander but can dislodge the US from it hold on the objective on the German side of the table

With that I concede the game - it was fairly bloody.  Points wise a 4-3 Victory for the US!

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