Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fire & Fury Regimental: Tunnel Hill

 Last night I had the opportunity to play in a ACW game using the Fire & Fury Regimental ruleset.  Unlike most games, where players often have to ponder the authors intent from just the text, we were not so handicapped since the game was put on by the author himself, Rich H.!  We were re-fighting the battle of Tunnel Hill, which was fought on Nov 25, 1863.  The battle consists of a Union Assault on entrenched Confederates atop a hill.  The first photo shows the initial confederate positions.  I commanded the extreme left flank of the CSA.

 As with all my battle reports, I forgot to take a lot of pictures - this photo shows a Union assault on the Hill.  The CSA had a rough time with this game given the accuracy of the Union off-board artillery but the game was a lot of fun to play.

 As for the rules, I really like Fire and Fury, Regimental.  They have a very good feel for the period and players need to really think about when to time charges vs standing back and trying to wear units down with fire.  I also like the movement mechanisms which reflect the difficulty of moving units in line formations.  The game also has command friction which becomes more evident as units wear down and tire - I really like that in a game.  All-in-all it's a great ruleset but requires a game to really understand how to play. Highly recommended.

 We played with 15mm figures, which were nicely painted.  15MM gives an almost panoramic feel to the game and allows a relatively large battle to be played in a reasonable amount of space and time.

All in all it was a great evening and I was very grateful for the opportunity.


Maurice said...

That looks awesome. Thanks for posting!

Phil said...

A beautiful table!

Juan Mancheño said...

Very nice game table. This is a great rulebook!

Cyrus said...

Great looking game! I'd like to try out Regimental Fire & Fury, they look like the best set of rules around for ACW.

Doc Smith said...

I rather like RF&F too - we used them for our Shennandoah campaign - very enjoyable. Playing a game hosted by the rules author would be even more of a treat! Very nice looking table too - the Union boys use that great looking rail tunnel to get behind the Rebel position?

Rodger said...

Great rules, great looking game!!