Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sci Fi Game at Ernies

 Last night I got to over to Ernie's house (AKA World Wide Headquarters for Architects of War) to play a game.  Ernie put on his usual fantastic game - take a look at the table!.  The games theme was a post-apocolyptic setting where each player controlled an 11 figure "gang".  The setting was very "Fallout" like and we were playing 2 games where the outcome of the first influenced the second.

 2 of the 5 gangs started out near the old motel complex.  Each gang had a secret objective.  I had a gang of mercenaries and my objective was…money!

 Here's my gang entering the middle of the board. the first game had all five gangs wandering around the table looking for artifacts and dealing with both other ganges and monsters who would spring up from time to time - it was great fun!
 The techno guys (I forgot the whole name) get surprised by a menacing eye stalk monster in the mountain pass…

 My guys get their first loot at an abandoned car as we pick our way through the scrub.

 Damn lizard mutants are harassing my flank

 Irradiated mutants spring an ambush in a convenience store.
 AHHHHH a real world bug!
 Very life like

 The next scenario had the survivors of the first trying to repeal and attack by a large gang that had robots of mutant Ogres!

 After a particurlay bloody exchange Ernie felt he needed to make some scenery adjustments.

 Oh the carnage….

Post game conversation.  Trust me we are weighing very deep thought here.

All in all it was a fantastic game and a whole lot of fun.  Ernie seems to have a never ending supply of miniatures and rules systems.  It was a very fun outing.

Thanks Ernie!


styx said...

Nice! What rules did you guys use?

DeanM said...

Fabulous looking terrain! Impressive yes! Merry Christmas, Dean