Sunday, June 1, 2014

Historicon 2014 Games T-186 & F-101: The Fleets are Complete!

 A 28mm Scale Monitor has been added to my "small" ACW fleet and will serve as the opponent of the CSS Tennessee.  I'll need to figure out some easy rules for the duel, but having 2 full scale ironclads being part of the game at least adds to the visual factor.  Last year's game only had the Tennessee so, to borrow from another game forum, this years game will be 100% better.

 A close up of the Monitor, there a 28mm scale Union Artilleryman figure to provide some scale.  This is a pretty big model and well built by Mike M.

 Both ships feature fully detailed interior fighting compartments and artillery pieces.
 The turret is a large piece of PVC pipe, which proved hard to cur precisely and required a lot of sanding.  Some monitors had mismatched guns and so does ours.
 When in transit Monitors would deploy a sun screen using a tarp, which was taken down when going into combat as it could block the view ports if it was damaged.  It looks to cool not to be on so this ship will fight in the shade.

Last year's games were a lot of fun - sign up while theres still space left

See you at Historicon!


Grenzer John said...

Nice work! Now I'm inspired to try it.

MarkG said...

Those are very nice looking models. Are they scratchbuilt?

jmilesr said...

Both Models are scratch built

Monty said...

This really is great work ;)